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Out-of-print CIVIL WAR BOOK:

The Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Raid
April 29 - May 19, 1864
by Howard R. McManus, H. E. Howard Inc., 1989, 107 pages.

"For 125 years, the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain fought between Dublin and Pearisburg, Virginia, has lain shrouded in obscurity. Overshadowed by larger armies and more consequential campaigns, it failed to receive public recognition then, as it fails now. Most knowledge of the battle died with its veterans, who left only rare, scattered memoirs. As local tradition degenerated into error, the very battle site faded from memory.

Now, carefully researched maps and moment by moment description, reclaim from oblivion, the shock and fury that was the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain: A Union raid--unprecedented in daring and execution, Maj. Gen. George C. Crook's brigades, eager for battle, but cut off from all possible retreat by a 200 mile wall of mountains; a Confederate stand--gallant, yet controversial, Brig. Gen. Albert G. Jenkin's hastily assembled army, badly outnumbered, but with infantry and artillery entrenched across formidable terrain.

The frenzy of battle rising to a climactic moment: For the South--initial victory collapsing into bitter chaos with Jenkin's mortal wound, McCausland's panicked orders, and final retreat; for the North--dispirited rout of half their army transformed by one desperate charge into breakthrough and complete victory.

Through these pages, the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain and the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Raid vividly emerge from letters, diaries, official reports, and personal reminiscences of common soldiers as they bivouacked in icy rain, slogged doggedly through knee deep mud, and grappled in deadly hand to hand combat with the enemy."

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