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FOUR old copies of THE AMERICAN CITIZEN, Boston, Massachusetts. Byline= "Americans for America--American Home Rule in Politics; American Public Schools for Future Voters. A birthplace in the US does not make a man an American; but he is the genuine American, who, wherever born, is loyal to American Institutions." Total of 8 pages in each of the 4 old newspapers.

There is a large ILLUSTRATED CARTOON on the front pages of all FOUR papers, each of which shows great illustrations of “UNCLE SAM” and generally deals with an ANTI CATHOLIC / NATIVISTIC theme of the Catholic Church’s supposed meddling in the United States government.

--In one cartoon—labeled PAPAL QUAGMIRE, a “puzzled” US President William McKinley tries to lead a blindfolded Uncle Sam (and blindfolded American Eagle too) through a swamp of holy water.

--In another cartoon—an exhausted Uncle Sam and “Aunt Columbia” sit together at a dinner table enduring the “Romanist” jabbering of their brutish-looking Irish lady waiter on the Irish question.

--The third cartoon shows a figure that apparently represents the Pope accepting a “Peter’s Pence” collection. A bowing Uncle Sam figure “now leads in this benevolence.”

--The fourth & final front-page cartoon has “Mr. Priest-In-Politics” addressing an Uncle Sam figure who has just whipped (punished) Spanish American War era Naval officers & congratulating him for lenient treatment of Catholic Gen. Charles Patrick Eagan, who Gen. Nelson A. Miles accused of providing US troops with substandard canned beef.

Articles in all four issues of this newspaper concern Rome & Catholic’s undue influence in the state and the nation, President William McKinley’s administration, Cuba, even a bit about the Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska, and other current events at the turn of the century. There are numerous other articles on the throughout along with countless advertisements, many ILLUSTRATED. Generally each paper is a great time machine into this era of American History.

The papers are in good shape generally, with fold lines and some stains, chips, and tears along creases and edges (see scan). All these newspapers measure 16" x 22". The paper has good rag content and is not brittle. Scan shows top half of the front-page of each paper (there is only minor deterioration at the center fold-line of these papers) plus enlarged detail of the front-page political cartoons.

The three papers are dated:
3 July 1897
28 August 1897
25 February 1899
7 October 1899

An INTERESTING lot of historical old papers.

Price= $65.00

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